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A gathering of international aid, development and relief workers. Here we post items of interest to us aidworkers, be it about the work we do, the life we lead, or the world we live in..

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A gathering of international aid, development and relief workers and those interested in international humanitarian work.

We post and discuss items of interest:

1. about the work we do: humanitarian work, relief and development efforts, upcoming emergencies, areas of concern in the world
2. about the life we lead, the issues we deal with on a day to day basis: staff safety for instance.
3. about the world we live in: issues that touch us and our work directly or indirectly

The overall goal of this group is to:

1. Bring together people working in the humanitarian field, and those interested in it..
2. Share news items of interest to us, and provide an easy platform to comment and discuss these issues
3. While posting items, bringing the "humanitarian issues" and the "humanitarian work" more to the attention of "the general public"